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  • Recommended Academic Plan

Required Courses

Program total 64 credits
I. General Education 42–45 credits
ENG:101 College Composition I 3
ENG:102 College Composition II 3
MTH:160 Math Requirement 4
COM:101 Oral Communication (or)
COM:107 Public Speaking 3
XXX:xxx Social and Behavioral Science 9
Recommended for Certification:
HST:101 or HST:102 3
PSY:200 (prerequisite for EDU:227) 3
PSY:203, PSY:205, or PSY:214 3
XXX:xxx Humanities and Fine Arts 9
(Non-studio art or music class required for elementary certification)
XXX:xxx Life and Physical Sciences 7–8
(One lab course required for secondary certification; two lab courses required for elementary certification)
IDS:xxx Interdisciplinary Studies 3
(PSC:101 required for certification)
GEN:200 Capstone 1
II. Physical Education Activity 2 credits
III. Area of Concentration 12 credits
EDU:210 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
EDU:211 Foundations of Education 3
EDU:218 Technology for Teachers 3
EDU:227 Educational Psychology 3
Electives 7-8 credits

Electives may be selected from education electives, content areas or any other courses. They should be carefully selected with the help of an advisor to meet degree requirements, prerequisites, preparation for the MoGEA, and planned level and area of teacher preparation.

Students seeking elementary certification can choose to complete an approved economics course, an approved geography course or additional education courses.

Students seeking secondary certification should select courses required for their specific area of certification in coordination with their transfer institution.

Recommended Electives
EDU:120 Art for Children
EDU:219 Education for Exceptional Learners
EDU:226 Children's Literature
PSC:101 Introduction to American Politics
ECO:140 Introduction to Economics
MTH:165 Structures of Mathematical Systems I
MTH:166 Structures of Mathematical Systems II