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Program Description

The Associate of Arts in Teaching degree curriculum consists of five courses that have been designed in collaboration with four-year colleges statewide so that their content parallels as closely as possible what those colleges offer their students in the first two years. Thus, students who complete the AAT degree are fully prepared for upper-division education courses.

The program includes observation and participation in local school classrooms. The Teaching Profession with Field Experience course (EDU:210) provides students with an opportunity to experience the day-to-day activities of veteran elementary, middle school and high school teachers. As a result, students should form a clearer idea of whether or not they wish to pursue a career in teaching and, if so, which grade level they enjoy most. All students must undergo criminal background checks before they are allowed into the classrooms.

Students who plan to become certified to teach must take and pass the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) prior to transferring to a four-year college. In addition, students are now required to take the Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) exam. Most colleges make exceptions for students who already have bachelor’s degrees. This exam is administered several times each year through the campus Assessment Centers.

As much as possible, education courses are scheduled at various times during the day and evening and also are offered at both on- and off-campus sites.

Students should pursue this degree program with the help of an advisor. Self-advising is discouraged.

To see which Missouri colleges accepts this AAT degree visit the Department of Higher Education website's list of the AAT Signatory Institutions.

If you wish to see which four year schools offer teacher certification in the field of your choice, view the list of Approved Teacher Certification Areas offered at universities in Missouri.