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  • PTA Admissions Requirements (PDF)
  • AAS Degree Checklist (PDF)
  • Program Information Sheet
  • Recommended Academic Plan

Required Courses

Associate in Applied Science Degree (M)
Program total 68 credits
I. Career General Education 29 credits
ENG:100 Career English (or)
ENG:101 College Composition I 3
COM:101 Oral Communication I 3
PSY:200 General Psychology 3
PSY:205 Human Growth and Development (or)
PSY:203 Child Psychology 3
SOC:201 Aspects of Aging 3
XXX:xxx Missouri State Requirement 3
BIO:207 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO:208 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO:209 Kinesiology 3
II. Physical Education Activity 2 credits
III. Area of Concentration 37 credits
PTA:100 Introduction to Physical Therapist Assistant 2
PTA:104 Clinical Experience I 2
PTA:105 Fundamentals of Physical Therapist Assistant 4
PTA:208 Health Occupation Seminar 2
PTA:211 Physical Agents 3
PTA:212 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation Concepts I 7
PTA:213 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation Concepts II 2
PTA:214 Data Collection and Intervention Techniques for the PTA 4
PTA:215 Medical Conditions in Rehabilitation 3
PTA:216 Clinical Education IIA 4
PTA:217 Clinical Education IIB 4