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  • Recommended Academic Plan
  • Nursing Handbook-Revision 2014 (PDF-7MB)
  • Nursing Handbook-Revision 2013 (PDF-1MB)
  • LPN Bridge Program Information Sheet
  • Program Information Sheets
  • Advising Checklist
  • Nursing Bridge Program Advising Checklist

Program Prerequisites

Associate in Applied Science Degree (FV, FP, M)

The St. Louis Community College District nursing faculty has worked diligently developing a new curriculum that meets the rigors of the rapidly changing healthcare environment. This required changes to the prerequisite courses to be placed on the waiting list and to enroll in NUR:151. The nursing courses have also been modified to provide for better learning opportunities.

For students currently on the waiting list

For students who are currently on the waiting list you will have one of two situations occur. If you start your first nursing course NUR:101, Fundamentals of Nursing, spring semester 2014 you will not be affected by any changes.

For students currently on the waiting list for entrance into the nursing program, and who enroll in NUR:151 (previously NUR:101), fall semester of 2014 or later, the requirement for the following courses will need to be met prior to enrolling in NUR:151 (All courses require a grade of "C" or better):

MTH:140 PSY:200
BIO:207 COM:200
ENG:101 LIB:101

For students not currently on the waiting list

See an academic advisor to plan for admission based on the Advising Checklist