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Life Sciences

Required Courses

Associate in Arts Degree (FV, FP, M)
I. General Education 42 credits
IDS:101 Cornerstone 3
ENG:101 College Composition I (or)
ENG:104 Honors College Composition I 3
COM:101 Oral Communication I (or)
COM:107 Public Speaking 3
MTH:160x MTH:160A, MTH:160B or MTH:160C
College Algebra or higher
(except MTH:165 and MTH:166)
XXX:xxx Missouri State Requirement 3
XXX:xxx Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
XXX:xxx Humanities and Fine Arts 6
CHM:105 General Chemistry I 5
CHM:106 General Chemistry II 5
IDS:201 Capstone 4
II. Physical Education Activity 2 credits
III. Area of Concentration 26 credits
BIO:140 Principles of Biology I 4
BIO:141 Principles of Biology II 4
CHM:206 Organic Chemistry Lecture I 3
CHM:207 Organic Chemistry Lecture II 3
CHM:210 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I 2
CHM:211 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II 2
PHY:111 College Physics I 4
PHY:112 College Physics II 4
Program total 70 credits