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Legal Studies for the Paralegal

Legal Studies for the Paralegal

Associate in Applied Science (FV, M)
Certificate of Proficiency (FV, M)

Associate in Applied Science for Legal Studies for the Paralegal is a 65 credit-hour program and is generally required for an entry-level position as a paralegal. With the right planning, the associate degree is transferable to Maryville University.

Certificate of Proficiency in Legal Studies for the Paralegal is a 30-credit-hour study of law courses and is designed for those who already have a college degree, regardless of major. Many candidates of the certificate program are seeking a career change or are currently employed in a law-related field.

The Legal Studies for the Paralegal program prepares students for careers as paralegals. The paralegal program at Meramec is the oldest degree-granting program in the United States and was established in 1969. Coursework for this program is designed to teach students concepts of real and personal property of business organizations and develop skills in interviewing and counseling clients. After completion of the program, students will not only have a basic knowledge of legal terminology, but will also have gained an understanding of Missouri statues, cases, pretrial and trial procedures. Graduates of the program are widely recognized as excellent employees who are well prepared for their careers.

Paralegal professionals have a variety of career paths to choose from including paralegals in private law firms, corporations, government agencies, or other businesses. In addition, paralegals can choose between other paralegal-related occupations such as claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, investigators, court clerks, and real estate management.

Students entering this program must have good reading, writing, and communication skills. Attorneys seek paralegals who are not only knowledgeable about the law, but who are also self-starters who will be capable of completing tasks independently and efficiently. Students must be able to conduct themselves professionally in the workplace.