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Information Reporting Technology: Judicial

Associate in Applied Science (M)
Certificate of Proficiency (M)

Associate in Applied Science in Judicial is a 67 credit-hour program that prepares students for appropriate certification tests upon completion of the program.

Certificate of Proficiency in Judicial is a 50 credit-hour program that prepares students to take the Certified Court Reporter (CCR) test in order to work in the field of judicial reporting, usually in a legal setting.

Judicial reporting is a highly specialized career that offers many lucrative employment opportunities to the dedicated and diligent student. Judicial Reporters utilize stenograph machines to record verbal communication for transcription into an official document. Judicial students should possess excellent linguistic ability and exhibit good hand dexterity that allows the student to develop to a transcription speed of 225 words per minute.

Students undertaking this challenging and exciting career path should be committed to continual practice and improvement to attain the goals set forth by the academic program and the level of competency required by certification examinations. Employment opportunities are excellent.

The Judicial certificate is an option of the Information Reporting Technology program. More information is available at Information Reporting Technology.