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Broadcast Captioning

Information Reporting Technology: Broadcast Captioning

Certificate of Specialization (M)

This program has been discontinued. Please contact advising if you have any questions.

Certificate of Specialization in Broadcast Captioning is a 12 credit-hour program designed for working reporters who wish to retrain in captioning. This option will prepare working reporters to pass the Certified Broadcast Captioning (CBC) exam.

Broadcast captioning is an outgrowth of the court reporting field and is a highly developed skill that is used to translate spoken communication into visual communication. A stenotype machine is connected to a state-of-the-art computer with special closed-captioning software that allows the writer to caption the spoken word in various TV/news programs, classrooms, conventions, and conferences. A broadcast captioner can assist millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons by captioning television and news programs.

The Broadcast Captioning certificate is an option of the Information Reporting Technology program. More information is available at Information Reporting Technology.