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Honors Program

The Honors program at each STLCC campus offers students many opportunities to challenge themselves academically while they discover their individual intellectual talents.   


Honors scholars are recognized as achievers by both employers and educational institutions.  Honors credit can give students an edge in the job market and in scholarship awards when transferring to many four-year colleges and universities.


In general, this flexible program offers students several options:

  • Enroll for Honors sections of regular courses that provide opportunities for creative thought, research and discussion in group settings.
  • Sign Honors contracts with instructors in regular classes and agree to complete more challenging assignments in place of standard course requirements.
  • Complete an Honors project requiring independent study outside of class, including internships, special research or community development activities.

Courses, eligibility and program options vary by campus. 


Florissant Valley Honors Program


Forest Park Honors Program


Meramec Honors Program


Wildwood Honors Program