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Honors Programs Testimonials

"It was a challenge, but at the same time it was a rewarding experience.  I got more out of the class by doing the research project.  I did the extra work to push myself.  I wanted to challenge myself.  I recommend Honors to other students not only for the challenge, but for the reward that you receive."

Bobette Anderson

2005 Graduate



"I had very good experiences with the Honors program. I wish there were more classes available for the Honors program. I would recommend the program to other students. I believe it will help students push themselves beyond their limits. The Honors program looks good on your transcript; it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile. Admission boards like to see students who are willing to go that extra mile."

Cheryl Wyatt

Honors Student


"As a student at Forest Park, I didn’t know anything about the Honors program until my friend asked me to get her a couple of contracts so that she could get some Honors credit for the classes that she was taking.  Then one day, I just happened to ask Mrs. Souder, who was the Honors coordinator at the time, if I could do Honors with a 2.3 GPA, and she said that I could only do two classes for honors credit.  That’s when my whole experience for the Honors program changed.  I felt like I knew the material more by doing the extra research for the class.  It was a bit challenging, but overall, I understood the material more and what the instructor was talking about during his lectures.  I would recommend that each student join the Honors program.  It’s a bit challenging at first, but overall, you gain a lot from doing Honors. I understood the class material better by doing the extra work.  I got the Honors credit that looks good on my transcript when I apply to a four-year college.  The college can see that I was very dedicated to do the extra work. My experience as an Honors student was rewarding.  I will not forget when I got my certificate for doing Honors in Fall 2006. This was a rewarding experience for me, and it was also the best time when I was recognized at the Honors Program Luncheon for my achievements."


Amanda Jones

Honors Student Assistant