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Honors Program Options

Honors students will find a variety of options to enrich their academic experiences at Forest Park through contracts, special courses and projects.


Honors Contract 

The Honors contract offers great flexibility that accommodates most interests or scheduling concerns.  This contract allows you to explore in depth the subject of any course numbered 100 or higher by doing extra work that is not assigned to other students in the class.  You may have Honors contracts in as many courses as you wish.  The contract also provides avenues to work independently or to collaborate with peers who share your interests.  If you are unable to complete the work specified in the contract by the end of the semester, you have a 30-day extension to complete the requirements with the consent of your instructor.  If you do not fulfill the requirements of the contract, don’t worry. Your grade is not affected, and there are no other academic penalties.


Tell your instructor that you are interested in taking the course for honors, and the instructor may agree to prepare an Honors contract for you.  The contract must be signed by you, your instructor, the instructor’s department chair, and the Honors program coordinator. Contracts should be submitted to the Honors program coordinator no later than Friday of the eighth week of the semester. You receive honors credit if you earn the grade of “A” or “B” in the course and successfully complete the work indicated in the contract.

Forest Park Honors Contract (.pdf)


Honors Courses 

Honors courses are specially designed by the instructor to provide more demanding study of the subject throughout the semester than what normally is required in a regular section.  If you thrive on a challenge or have a certain knack for a particular subject, an Honors course may be for you.  Check the class schedule for courses offered for Honors and the prerequisites needed to enroll in them.


Honors Projects

The Honors program offers special projects that are both academically and personally rewarding.  These projects engage students in highly interactive, hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.  Here are just a few examples:

ENG:229 Intermediate Writing Workshop

By enrolling in this course, you choose writing projects in conjunction with the instructor.  You also become an active member of the Forest Park Creative Writing Club.  You learn more about hosting writing events, meet others who enjoy writing, and gain opportunities to present and publish your work on campus.

Contact: English department, 314-644-9356 


LIB:101 Introduction to Library and Online Research

This one-credit hour course provides an excellent foundation for the kind of research you need throughout your academic career.  You work directly with a librarian in a small group setting.  Contact: Patricia Forester, librarian, 314-644-9275


ENG: 228 Studies in Literature 

By enrolling in this course, you also may participate in the Forest Park Book Club. You delve into stimulating conversation on a variety of books and other works and meet others who share your passion for reading.  You will work closely with an instructor to study literary criticism and develop the skill of facilitating discussion and writing about literature.

Contact: English department, 314-644-9356


Service Learning Projects

If you value helping others or enjoy contributing to the community, you can receive credit for these endeavors.  Regular course sections fuse the joy of volunteerism into your learning experience; options also exist for independent study.  You may broaden your learning experiences by joining the Service and Leadership Council and meeting others who share your commitment to helping the community.

Contract: Keith Sayles, service learning coordinator, 314-951-9822