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Graphic Communications

Graphic Communications

Associate in Applied Science Degree (FV, FP, M)
Associate in Fine Arts Degree (FV, FP, M)

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Graphic Communications - A 70- to 72-credit-hour program for persons seeking the creative and conceptual skills necessary to be ready for entry-level employment and beyond in a variety of visual communication settings. The AAS in Graphic Communications has four optional areas of study: graphic design, illustration, animation and new media.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree: Graphic Communications Option - A 71-credit-hour program of study designed for students planning to transfer to a public university or private art school to earn a bachelor’s degree in either graphic design or illustration.

The Graphic Communications program prepares students for a variety of jobs requiring various levels of creative and technical skills. Graphic designers comprise the largest segment of the graphic communications profession, with the majority of entry-level jobs found in this area. Graphic design and layout artists manage and assemble the various components of art, typography and photography and prepare it for reproduction. Areas of employment include graphic design, animation, Web design, presentation graphics, illustration, photography, publication design and many different areas of production. Job opportunities are available in art studios, advertising agencies, printing and publishing firms, television stations, retail stores, corporations, institutions and non-for-profit organizations.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of graphic designers is expected to grow at about an average rate due to the demand of graphic design increases from advertisers, publishers and computer design firms.

Persons interested in graphic communications should possess:

  • Strong design sense
  • Broad knowledge of the mechanics of reproduction
  • Computer graphic skills
  • Flexible and creative mind