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Graphic Communication Electives

Course Description Credit Hours
ART:101 Art History I 3
ART:102 Art History II 3
ART:103 History of Modern Art 3
ART:108 Design II 3
ART:110 Drawing II 3
ART:112 Fig. Drawing II 3
ART:113 Ceramics I 3
ART:114 Painting I 3
ART:115 Printmaking I 3
ART:116 Sculpture I 3
ART:135 Graphic Production I 2
ART:165 Photography I 3
ART:166 Photography II 3
ART:168 History of Photography 3
ART:169 Visual Language 3
ART:172 Digital Photography 3
ART:207 Design III 2
ART:209 Drawing III 3
ART:221 Page Layout: Quark/InDesign 3
ART:233 Graphic Design III 3
ART:234 Graphic Design IV 3
ART:235 Graphic Production II 2
ART:236 Typography 3
ART:238 Drawing for Graphics II 2
ART:239 Illustration I 3
ART:240 Illustration II 3
ART:241 Electronic Publication Design 3
ART:274 Presentation Graphics 3
ART:275 Photo Imaging I: Photoshop 3
ART:280 Final Cut 3
AT:100 Hardware Configuration 1
AT:101 Color Management 3
AT:104 Electronic Photo Studio 3
AT:105 Digital Printing 3
AT:106 2-D Computer Animation: Adobe After Effects 3
AT:108 Computer Drawing and Painting 3
AT:109 Universal Document Exchange 3
AT:120 Computer Drawing I: Illustrator 3
AT:121 Watercolor I 3
AT:131 Airbrush I 2
AT:135 Comm. and Design for WWW I 3
AT:143 Comm. and Design for WWW II 3
AT:146 3D Modeling I 3
AT:147 3D Modeling II 3
AT:154 Camera and Lighting for 3D Design 3
AT:160 Digital Capstone 3
AT:175 Video Art I 3
AT:234 Computer Animation I 3
AT:233 Storyboard and Animatics 2
AT:242 History of Graphic Communication 3
AT:276 Photo Imaging II: Photoshop 3
MCM:101 Introduction to Mass Communications 3
MCM:110 Journalism I: Writing and Report 3
MCM:111 Journalism II: Editing and Design 3
MCM:112 Feature Writing 3
MCM:113 Applied Journalism 3
MCM:114 Photojournalism 3
MCM:121 Television Production 3
MCM:125 Scriptwriting for TV and Film 3
MCM:126 Video Production - Field 3
MCM:127 Video Production - Studio 3
MCM:135 Comm. and Design for the World Wide Web 3
MCM:136 Introduction to Multimedia 2
MCM:137 Multimedia Production 4
MCM:140 Introduction to Advertising 3
MCM:141 Public Relations 3
MCM:142 Applied Advertising 3
MCM:211 Applied Public Relations 3
MCM:212 Specialized Publication Production 3
MCM:213 Advanced Video Production 3
MCM:217 Publication Writing 3
MCM:219 Multimedia Applications 1