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Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson is a St. Louis Community College alumni who received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Webster University and his Master of Fine Arts from Fontbonne University with an emphasis in painting and drawing.

Currently teaching classes in Art Appreciation, Drawing, and Design, Wilson is also preparing works for future exhibitions. Wilson states, "At the start of 2008, I began working on a series of paintings that utilize generic representations of historical figures being introduced to contemporary persons or places. In some cases, this approach has been flipped by tossing the present into the past. The idea was to fabricate a simple equation: character A + historical setting B = your conclusion (perhaps mine) in relation to the state of our modern world. Currently, I find myself interested in creating work in a more visceral manner. I now begin with one object of interest and meditate on it until I gradually piece together a composition that speaks for itself."

E-mail:  KWilson186@stlcc.edu