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Printmaking, simply stated, is the reproduction of multiple copies or variations of the same image. When we paint or draw we have one copy. When we make a print we can have five, ten, or fifty copies of the same image. There are four basic printmaking processes for making a print: relief, intaglio, lithography, and serigraphy, all of which are taught at Meramec.

Relief printing processes are Linoleum and wood block printing in which an image is cut from a block and then the block printed. Intaglio printing uses a metal or plastic plate to scribe or incise a line into the plate and ink and print the image which has been cut into the plate. Lithography uses a flat ground stone or aluminum plate onto which an image has been drawn or painted and then can be printed. Serigraphy simply stated is silkscreen printing from a stencil or photographic stencil. Other forms of printmaking such as Colograph, in which the plate is made from materials such as masonite or plastic and printed, and watercolor monotype printing are also taught. Many contemporary printers combine several of these media together and use photographic and computer resources.

Traditionally, Printmaking is one of the most experimental areas in an art department and has been used historically by many famous artists such as Rembrandt , Goya, Toulouse Lautrec, Gaugin as well as twentieth century masters such as Jasper Johns , Robert Rauschenberg and Helen Frankethaler.

Printmaking I
An introductory course in various types of printmaking media. 6 lab hours per week. This course will introduce the artist to Relief, Intaglio and Stencil techniques.

Printmaking II
A continuation of Printmaking I, this course will introduce the artist to lithography techniques and more deeply study the media learned in printmaking one. The course will concentrate more on color printing , editioning and portfolio development. The student will also be introduced to computer generated media as well as mono print methods.

Advanced Printmaking
This course allows for a more deeply-defined study in one or more areas of the students choice.