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In Meramec's drawing program, students learn the art of drawing -- from the basics of proportion and composition to the advanced, expressive drawing of figure and object.

Meramec's drawing and painting faculty are active, exhibiting artists whose work in and out of the classroom is highly regarded and respected throughout the art community.

Drawing I is the beginning course in drawing fundamentals that includes an introduction to drawing principles, construction, proportion, form, value, perspective, composition, tools and media. Perception, visual awareness, sensitivity, attitude and judgement are all stressed.

Drawing II continues in the fundamentals and builds on them, with more emphasis on organizational concepts and exploration of a variety of media. In the course Drawing III, the focus is placed on methods of acheiving compositional unity in drawing. Balance, variety, rhythm and repetition are some of the factors responsible for unified structure in drawing and will be examined on an advanced level.

In addition to object drawing, Meramec's Art Department has a well-respected Figure Drawing curriculum. Drawing the human figure from (undraped) live models, students learn to analyize the human form's structure and proportions in Figure Drawing I. Through Figure Drawing II and Figure Drawing III , these concepts are further developed through thorough, artistic analysis of the structure of the human figure anatomy.