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Alumni Comments

Saint Louis Community College at Florissant Valley helped me find my love for graphic design. There I learned the basics that led to my future success. I'm thankful for the love, support, and education.
 - Tim Hykes, Vice President, AIGA - St. Louis

It was a great experience for me; the best educational experience I had.
 - Joan Nelson, New York artist

Truly, Flo Valley has a hidden gem. My daughter always swore the art department was wonderful. On
her encouragement, I finished an AFA. She was right. The professors and staff are all dedicated to the students. They gear the entire department to helping the students do their best.
 - Kathy Deutsch

I think that Flo was not only the best financial decision I have ever made, but it has taught me so much, while giving me the freedom to explore myself.  The staff was willing to put as much effort into my education as I was.  I would not be able to continue to pursue art without Flo.
 - Rachael Bordon, recipient of the William H. and Elizabeth Gray Danforth Scholarship (Washington University in St. Louis) and the James J. & Frances M. Maguire Scholarship (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts)

After two amazing years at Flo Valley, I felt confident, motivated and my work had a focused direction, and most importantly I had a strong portfolio.  That strong portfolio helped me get accepted and win scholarships to attend the Kansas City Art Institute.  What does Flo Valley mean to me now?  The beginning of a long journey.
 - Curt Bozif, Chicago artist/film maker

The teaching staff at Florissant Valley is truly exceptional.  They give passion. They inspire. They dazzle one with their compassion and knowledge of the art world.
 - Mario Trejo, artist

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities at Florissant Valley. I always tell people that if I could have attained my BFA from Flo, I would have stayed in St. Louis...I miss Flo a great deal...I believe ardently since leaving Flo that community colleges are the real melting pots of higher learning. They facilitate the education of many people from different ages, cultures and social status. And when people have a larger understanding of the human experience, they become better artists and better people.
 - Timothy Raney

What influenced me the most were the art instructors.  Their dedication, their discussions, and the examples they set…I feel like I'm just skimming the surface when I try to describe their abilities to teach... Lessons learned at FV have provided me with an important foundation for the path I'm walking now.
 - Todd Fischer, artist/designer

Florissant Valley provided the academic rigor and the professional support system I needed to further succeed in my education.  None of my success would be possible if not for the strong support and mentoring system provided by the faculty.  The faculty at Florissant Valley are the most remarkable group of individuals a young student could ask for.
 - Dominic Chambers, artist

From beginning design to advanced drawing my instructors inspired me to challenge myself and break free from the norm I was accustomed to.  Because of them I have explored my work in many different manners and it has taken me in a positive direction.
 - Matt Blaylock

The knowledge and skills that I learned at the Florissant Valley Photography Program are still the base of all the knowledge about photography that I use today...I would recommend the Florissant Valley photography program to anyone who has a serious intention of becoming a photographer.
 - Steve Kluempers, artist/photographer

I really couldn't have had a better group of instructors.  I know I drove them crazy, but the patience that they had with me was remarkable and together they taught me different ways of seeing...They gave me the confidence I needed to build off of, and the trust in my own decisions...The faculty is so dedicated to their students.  I received so much one-on-one help and support that I felt spoiled...There is nothing that really compares to the experience that I had at this college and the relationships that were made... I (transferred) to The Kansas City Art Institute feeling that I gained better technical knowledge and a better sense of who I was and what I wanted in my work, than the students who went through KCAI's foundation program.
 - Eli Borrowman, artist, educator, fashion designer

To say that time I spent at Florissant Valley influenced my work would be an understatement.  During the two years it took for me to earn my Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Photography, I was presented with the tools, the confidence, and the curiosity to make a lifetime of artwork...There are things that I have learned because of the love for art at Florissant Valley.  I would like to (reflect) upon the faculty at this magnificent institution.  I have much admiration for the work they have done, and it is this work and interaction with students, even graduated students, that makes me proud to credit all of my accomplishments to the steadfast efforts found at Florissant Valley.
 - Elizabeth Benson

Florissant Valley is a place where students come unsure of what they want to become, with almost little knowledge of what they have been, and through incredible tutelage they emerge, through the integument of their cocoon, as more directed people. It was the case especially for me, fortunate enough to have such monumental teachers to live up to, look up to, and to look the other way when I broke the rules that they constantly (sometimes covertly) encouraged me to bend.
 - Eric Warner, performance artist

Florissant Valley provided a solid graphic design education that eventually enabled me to start XGAD, Inc., a successful full-service advertising agency.  Our current client roster includes industry titans Anheuser-Busch Companies, Comcast, Procter & Gamble, Nintendo, and many more. We frequently hire graduates from the community college graphic communications program because they have both the design and production skills necessary to immediately create graphic communication materials with senior designer supervision. I would like to thank the faculty and St. Louis Community College for providing me with an education that changed my life!
 - Kevin Pyles, Principle, CEO XG-Ad

After I graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to do. All I knew was I liked to draw. But I had no concept of how an artist worked. At Flo Valley, I met people who showed me a path no one in my life before made evident. I never thought a person could be happy and successful at the same time. The instructors saw me - as well as others - as an art student with vast potential. They were the first to show me that art can be your life. It has changed my life.
 - Marquitta Parnell, graphic designer