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Fine Arts

General Fine Arts

Associate in Fine Arts Degree (FV, FP, M, W)

Associate in Fine Arts: General Fine Arts option is a program designed for students planning to transfer to four-year art schools and colleges to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree. Students may experience both two-and three dimensional artwork through courses in painting, figure drawing, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, design, and other studio and imaging disciplines.  Persons interested in this program should possess a strong interest in the visual world and a desire to produce work using traditional as well as non-traditional techniques.

The General Fine Arts option is a part of the Associate in Fine Arts Degree. More information is available at Associate in Fine Arts Degree

Digital Media: Fine Arts is also a Certificate of Proficiency of the Digital Media program. It is a 25-credit-hour program for students and professional artists who seek skills in using graphic tools made available by advances in technology.

Digital Media: Fine Art is an option within the Digital Media program. More information can be found in the Digital Media program.