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Course Details

Which ESL Courses To Take

In order for you to excel in your college and career plans, you should strive for the highest level of English language proficiency. The ESL program here only takes you part of the way, however. You will need many years to become fluent in English as it is used in a wide variety of situations.

Our recommendations for your ESL courses depend on your placement test scores and your experience in higher education institutions in the United States. It is recommended that all students new to STLCC take ENG:052 and ENG:053. The other course recommendations depend directly on your placement scores or on your instructor's recommendations.

English as a second language courses

Reading, Writing And Grammar (Level I)
ENG:050 Academic English for Non-Native Speakers (6 Credits)
ENG:051 English Grammar (3 Credits)

Reading, Writing And Grammar (Level II)
ENG:060 Academic English for Non-Native Speakers II (6 Credits)
ENG:061 English Grammar for Non-Native Speakers II (3 Credits)

Reading, Writing And Grammar (Level III)
ENG:070 Academic English for Non-Native Speakers III (3 Credits)
ENG:071 Advanced Grammar for Non-native Speakers III (3 credits)

For All New Students
ENG:053 Listening and Note-Taking for Non-Native Speakers (3 Credits)

Special Focus Courses
ENG:062 Spoken Communication and Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers (3 Credits)

College Level
ENG:101-616 College Composition I - ESL (3 Credits, Available Only At The Meramec Campus)