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Digital Media

Digital Media

Certificate of Specialization (M)

The digital media program has been revised to meet the current needs of professionals working in the fields of digital imaging. Students as well as professional artists will learn to use current graphic tools and ways traditional methods can be advanced by technology and software. Several new Certificate of Specialization programs are being offered:

This program is supported by the Digital Arts and Technology Alliance department.

Note: Florissant Valley does not offer this complete certificate, only selected courses.

Currently, the specific courses offered at Florissant Valley include the prerequisite course work for this certificate and ART:131, ART:236, ART:275, AT:120, AT:135, AT:143, AT:144, AT:276, AT:233 and AT:234. Other courses may be offered in the future. Contact the Florissant Valley Arts & Humanities department at 314-513-4375 for more information.