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So many choices... maybe I should see and advisor?

Degrees & Certificates

Associate in Arts Degree

Designed for students who plan to transfer to another college and work towards a bachelor’s degree.

Associate in Science Degree
Designed to transfer to a particular institution in a specialized area.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Helps students develop practical and theoretical skills that prepare them for entry-level jobs.

Associate in Fine Arts Degree

Designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college art program and earn a bachelor of fine arts degree.

Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree

For students who are interested in teaching as a career, and for those who want to acquire a strong foundation of educational concepts and skills before transferring to a four-year college program.

Certificate of Proficiency

Designed for persons whose intended job does not require an associate degree.  Usually require one year of full-time attendance to complete.

Certificate of Specialization

Designed for persons who desire information and skills in a specific area, usually related to a current job. Usually requires 18 semester hours to complete.