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Clinical Laboratory Technology

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Program Prerequisites

Associate in Applied Science Degree (FP)


  • MTH:030 Elementary Algebra or one year of high school algebra
    BIO:111 Introduction to Biology I or one year of high school biology with lab and one year of high school chemistry with lab.
  • Reading Proficiency
  • All math and science prerequisites require a grade of "C" or better.
    • Math and science prerequisites must be completed within five calendar years of admission to the program.
  • GPA 2.5 from college or high school or Eligibility semester: math, science and one other course.

Admitting Semester:  Fall/Day Number Admitted: 15
Length of Program:    2 yrs (upon admission to program)
                               3-4 years (part-time curriculum)


  • CHM 101 should be completed before enrolling in CHM 212.
  • Full-time students are recommended to take Clinical Physiology (Bio 102) prior to entering the program or concurrently with first semester Clinical Laboratory courses.
  • Students may substitute BIO 111 for the BIO 102 requirement with departmental approval.
  • MTH 124 or MTH 160 will satisfy degree requirement (not MTH 140).

Request a curriculum change in the admissions office once all the requirements are met.