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Articulated Credit Process

What is articulated credit?

Articulated credit is college credit earned while a student is in high school. The credit is awarded for a career and technical education high school course that is associated with a comparable college-level course, for which there is a signed articulation agreement agreed between the high school and St. Louis Community College. Articulated credit can be applied toward an Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate program. This credit is not awarded for Associate in Arts (transfer) degrees.

What requirements does a student have to meet to receive articulated credit?

To be eligible for articulated credit, a student must:

  1. Register for a student account and be approved by their instructor in the CATEMA (Career and Technology Education Management Application) system.
  2. Earn a letter grade of a “B” or better for articulated coursework, and be rated by their high school instructor for credit in CATEMA.
  3. Complete the STLCC admissions application and request a copy of their official high school transcript be sent to the appropriate campus Admissions office.
  4. Meet with a STLCC CTE Retention Specialist and identify themselves as having articulated credit earned while in high school.
  5. Complete 1 credit hour of college-level coursework at STLCC and be enrolled in an STLCC Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate program with a 2.0 GPA or higher. Credits earned in a dual credit course while in high school, in an appropriate CTE program area, is sufficient to meet the hour requirement for application of articulated credit.

What is the deadline for having articulated credit applied to a student's STLCC transcript?

Students must meet eligibility for articulated credit within three years of graduation from high school.

How is articulated credit recorded on a student's STLCC transcript?

The student, or STLCC Advisor/Counselor working with the student, must contact the campus CTE Retention Specialist to have the credit applied.

A maximum of 12 credit hours of articulated coursework will be transcripted. Exceptions for additional credit can be reviewed and approved by an Academic Department Chairperson.

Credit for articulated courses will be recorded on a student’s STLCC transcript by course title, and credit hours will be recorded on the transcript as an “R” (credit). No letter grade is designated for the college-level course work, but the credit hours may count toward completion of an Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate program at STLCC.

Will articulated credit transfer to other colleges and universities?

No assurance is given that courses credited by STLCC through articulation agreements will transfer to any other post-secondary institution. Students should check with an academic advisor at the transfer institution to determine if credit will transfer.

Have additional questions?

Contact the CTE retention specialist on your campus:

Florissant Valley - Carla Jordan - cjordan55@stlcc.edu - 314-513-4633

Forest Park - Valerie Turner - vturner32@stlcc.edu - 314-644-9226

Meramec/Wildwood - Diana Johnson - djohnson581@stlcc.edu - 314-984-7586