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Business Administration

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Business Administration - Program Options 

Associate in Arts Degree (FV, FP, M, W)
Associate in Applied Science (FV, FP, M, W)
Certificate of Proficiency (FV, FP, M, W)
Certificate of Specialization (FV, FP, W)
  • Associate in Arts Degree in Business Administration is a 64-credit-hour program offers the first four semesters of a bachelor's degree.
  • Associate in Arts Degree in Business Administration -- Management Option is a 66- to 69- credit-hour program for persons interested in specializing in management.
  • Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration is 64-to 66-credit-hour program for persons interested in seeking immediate employment in entry level managerial, marketing or finance positions.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Business Administration is a 35-credit-hour program for persons currently employed in business-related areas who want to upgrade their skills and competencies. Students will acquire fundamental knowledge and skill in accounting, marketing, management, decision making, economics and statistics.
  • Certificate of Specialization in Business Administration is an 18-credit-hour program designed to address the career and educational needs of those currently employed in business-related areas. Designed to enhance business skills and competencies, this focused program can be used to expand job-related skills and to provide a foundation for advanced study in business.
  • Online Degree Program -- Students enrolled in the program will earn an Associate in Arts degree.

Check with the advisor on your campus to see what options are currently available on your campus.