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Biotechnology - FAQ's

Associate in Applied Science (FV)

What is the AAS Biotechnology Program?

It is a 71-credit-hour program for persons seeking employment in a biotechnology or life science company as a research technician or research assistant.

What does a research technician or research assistant do?

Biotechnology graduates may test for disease-causing organisms, help to produce more nutritious and disease resistant plants, help to find new cures and treatments for diseases, discover ways to obtain energy from algae, or find new ways to clean up the environment.

How much money can I make as a research technician or research assistant?

STLCC AAS Biotechnology graduates have started at $28,000 to $45,000/year - the pay depends on the type of work and the company.

What are the requirements to enter the program?

Anyone who has taken high school chemistry with a grade of A or B within the past three years or who has taken a 100-level college chemistry class can declare themselves a biotechnology major and register for biotechnology program classes.

What if I am not qualified to get into the Biotechnology Program but want to be a research technician or research assistant?

The CS Life Science Lab Assistant program is the bridge to the AAS Biotechnology program. This one semester program will get you up to speed and allow you to qualify for entry into the AAS Biotechnology program. It will also qualify you to get an entry-level Laboratory Assistant position at a life science company.

Where have AAS Biotechnology Program graduates found jobs?

Biotechnology program graduates work at the Danforth Plant Science Center, Phycal, Divergence, Symyco, Millipore, Gallus BioPharmaceutical, Monsanto and Sigma-Aldrich, and other companies.

Where are the classes held?

Most of the classes in the program can be taken at any of the four main campuses of St. Louis Community College.
All of the biotechnology classes are taught at the STLCC Center for Plant and Life Sciences at BRDG Park (pronounced "bridge park").

How much does this program cost?

Tuition and fees vary depending on whether or not you are a St. Louis City or County resident. Financial Aid and scholarships may be available to qualifying students. Scholarships specifically for biotechnology students include the Sigma Aldrich Scholarship, The Biotechnology Student Scholarship, and the STEM Scholarship.

Can I continue my education in biotechnology at a university after completing this program?

Yes!! The STLCC AAS Biotechnology Program has transfer agreements with many universities, including UM-St. Louis, UM-Columbia, Missouri University of Science and Technology - Rolla, and Lindenwood University.

Who can I contact about a plan for how to schedule classes for a biotechnology degree?

Contact Jennifer Hill, program coordinator.