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Associate in Applied Science Degree (FV)
Certificate of Specialization (FV)

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Biotechnology is a 71-credit-hour program for persons seeking employment in a biotechnology laboratory as a technician or research assistant. This program allows students to gain basic laboratory skills and experience required to become entry-level lab technicians in biotechnology research and industry. Students who complete this option are qualified to enter either the plant science or medical research areas of biotechnology. CHM:101 Fundamentals of Chemistry or high school chemistry with a grade of A of B within the past three years is a prerequisite to the program. Students who complete the AAS also qualify for transfer to the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology -- Southeast Missouri State University: This curriculum is designed for students who have completed an AAS degree in Biotechnology and, because of changes in career goals and opportunities for advancement, want to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology. This program is available on the SEMO campus or entirely in St. Louis through a combination of courses offered from various institutions, including SEMO, taught on the STLCC campuses. These programs are accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology. Graduates are prepared for technical management-oriented positions in industry. Students wishing to complete a master’s degree can do so through the same agreement, with classes also offered on STLCC campuses and taught through SEMO.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree -- University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri University of Science and Technology-Rolla, University of Missouri-St. Louis & Webster University: This curriculum is designed for students who plan to complete an AAS degree in Biotechnology at STLCC and then transfer to either the biochemistry program at UM-Columbia, Missouri S&T or UM-St. Louis, or to the biology program at Missouri S&T, UM-St. Louis or Webster University to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

Certificate of Specialization in Biotechnology is a 19-credit-hour program to prepare those currently in the laboratory technician work force for biotechnology specialization. Students learn current methods and techniques used in biotechnology laboratories. Prerequisites include workforce laboratory experience and Principles of Biology I or Microbiology, or an AAS (or Certificate of Proficiency) in Chemical Technology with the Microbiology elective completed.

The Certificate of Specialization is designed for those already in the field who have already earned either a B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. Students take the core biotech courses for the specialized training they provide.

Companies that employ biotechnicians in the St. Louis area include the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Sigma-Aldrich, Monsanto, Pfizer, Millipore, Centocor, and Washington University in the St. Louis School of Medicine.