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Art Education

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Required Courses

Associate in Fine Arts Degree (FV, FP, M, W)
Program Total: 71 credits
I. General Education 23 credits
ENG:101 College Composition I 3
COM:101 Oral Communication I 3
HST:101 American History I (or)  
HST:102 American History II (or)  
HST:103 American History I, Honors (or)  
HST:104 American History II, Honors 3
PSY:200 General Psychology 3
PSY:205 Human Growth and Development 3
MTH:160x MTH:160A, MTH:160B or MTH:160C 
College Algebra
XXX:xxx Science Elective with lab 4
II. Physical Education Activity 2 credits
III. Professional Education 15 credits
EDU:218 Technology for Teachers 3
EDU:120 Art for Children 3
EDU:210 Teaching Profession With Field Experience 3
EDU:227 Educational Psychology 3
EDU:211 Foundations of Education 3
IV. Area of Concentration 22 credits
ART:101 Art History I 3
ART:102 Art History II 3
ART:107 Design I 2
ART:108 Design II 2
ART:109 Drawing I 3
ART:110 Drawing II 3
ART:111 Figure Drawing I 3
ART:131 Computer Art Studio 3
V. 3-D Art Elective 3 credits
ART:113 Ceramics I 3
ART:116 Sculpture I 3
VI. 2-D Art Electives 6 credits
ART:112 Figure Drawing II 3
ART:133 Graphic Design I 3
ART:114 Painting I 3
ART:115 Printmaking I 3
ART:165 Photography I 3
ART:209 Drawing III 3