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Accelerated Transfer Degree Programs

Accelerated Transfer Degree Programs

Accelerated Learning Transfer Degree programs provide working and adult students with two options for attaining General Studies Transfer degrees in a concise timeframe. 

  • The Global Path to Success program meets weekly on Tuesday evenings to cover nine integrated learning modules.

Global Path to Success - Florissant Valley

The Global Path to Success (GPS) offers highly motivated, mature, college-ready students with a unique opportunity to earn a degree in two years taking classes only one night per week. This program, exclusive to the Florissant Valley campus, is designed for working adults whose work schedules and personal lives make enrollment in traditional full-time college programs impossible. The innovatively designed coursework has been prioritized and sequenced to maximize the amount of interactive concept exploration in a minimal amount of on-campus time. Emphasizing written and oral communication skills, courses are linked within thematically organized modules that are team-taught on Tuesday evenings. For more information, contact the GPS coordinator Chris Stephens at 314-513-4289 or cstephens@stlcc.edu.