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Course Schedule

Courses 2015-2017

COM 101 Oral Communication  3 credit hours
ENG 101 College Composition  3 credit hours
PSY 200 Gen. Psych.  3 credit hours
HST 128 Western Civilization  3 credit hours
IDS 104 The Artist in Society  3 credit hours


HUM:102 Humanities II   4 credit hours
GEG:101 Regional Geography: The Western World  3 credit hours
MUS:114 The Enjoyment of Music   3 credit hours
PSY:215 Brain and Behavior  3 credit hours

Twentieth century American History and Politics are examined through the eyes of the artists and writers who have reflected it.

ENG 102 Advanced Composition  3 credit hours
HST 102 American History  3 credit hours
PSC 101 American Government  3 credit hours
MTH030 Elementary Algebra (if needed)*  3 credit hours

Modules 6 & 7: “American Society”
Students will examine issues in American society from a sociological perspective and develop persuasive skills to advocate change.

SOC 101  Intro. to Sociology  3 credit hours
SOC 202 American Social Problems  3 credit hours
COM 104 Persuasion  3 credit hours
PE 180 Wellness Fitness Concepts  2 credit hours
MTH 140 Intermediate Algebra  3 credit hours

Modules 8 & 9: “The Science of Self”
Shifting focus to the self, students explore scientifically the impact that nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices have on health. They also develop interpretation and leadership skills and engage in a service learning project to implement those skills in the community.

GEN 200 Capstone 1 credit hour
COM 114 Oral Interpretation of Literature 3 credit hours
DIT 115 Principles of Nutrition 3 credit hours
BIO ### Human Biology or Human Health and Wellness (TBA) 3 credit hours
BIO ### Lab science course 1 credit hour
MTH 160C College Algebra* 4 credit hours