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Global Path to Success Program Course Schedule

To earn their degree, students must attend all nine program modules. (Note:  If a student has already earned credit for a particular course, he/she need not enroll in that particular course, but will still complete all module assignments.)  Listed below are the program modules and themes, required courses for each module, and the number of credits earned upon completion of each module. The first week will consist of an orientation sometime in late August.Note: Dates and courses are tentative and subject to change.

Fall - Year 1
Modules 1 and 2: “The Roots of Knowledge”

This semester focuses on laying the foundation skills in General Education, adult learning, and succeeding within a learning community. The focus on learning theory is examined through the Psychology course, while an exploration of Western history is experienced through the eyes of the artists who reflected and/or shaped it. Written and oral communication skills are developed as primary means of exhibiting mastery of this first semester.

The Roots of Knowledge Fall - Year 1
COM:101 Oral Communications 3 credits
ENG:101 English Composition I 3 credits
HST:119 The Modern World 3 credits
IDS:101 Cornerstone: The Artist in Society 3 credits
PSY:200 General Psychology 3 credits

Spring 1st Year
Modules 3 & 4: “The Arts in Society”

This semester extends the students’ examination of Psychology through an exploration of the self in “Personality and Adjustment.” The Arts and Humanities become the vehicle for an understanding of self-expression through history. Mass Communication is introduced to develop the students as enlightened consumers of media and its influence.

The Arts in Society Spring - Year 1
HUM:102 Humanities II 4 credits
GEG: 101 Regional Geography 3 credits
MUS:114 The Enjoyment of Music 3 credits
PSY:217 Cross Cultural Psychology 3 credits

This module contains two speaking intensive (SI).

Module 5: “Coming to America”

Twentieth century American History is examined through the eyes of the artists and writers who have reflected it.

Coming to America Summer -Year 1
ENG:203 American Literature 3 credits
HST:102 American History II 2 credits
THT:101 Introduction to Theatre 3 credits
MTH:030 Elementary Algebra (If needed)* 3 credits

Fall 2nd Year
Modules 6 & 7: “Sustainability”
In an interdisciplinary combination of Business, Biology, and Communication courses, students will tackle the topic of sustainability in many of its manifestations and ramifications: community, environmental, business, and interpersonal.

Sustainability Fall - Year 2
BIO:151  Biology of Human Health and Disease 3 credits
BUS:104 Introduction to Business 3 credits
PRD:108 Personal Growth and Identity 1 credit
MTH:140 Intermediate Algebra* 3 credits
MCM: 101 Introduction to Mass Communications 3 credits

Spring 2nd Year
Modules 8 & 9: “The Individual as Leader”
Shifting focus to the self, students explore scientifically the impact that nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices have on health. They also develop leadership skills and engage in a service learning project to implement those skills in the community.

The Individual as Leader Spring - Year 2
BIO:xxx Nutrition Science 4 credits
IDS:201 Capstone Leadership Development Seminar 4 credits
MTH:160C College Algebra* 4 credits
PE:180 Wellness and Fitness Concepts 3 credits
63-66 credits
* Students are advised that these courses meet at a separate time and require additional class meetings.