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This program is currently only available at South County.

See what St. Louis Public Radio says about our 7-one-7 format.

7-one-7 Format at SCEUC

Student Success is very important to STLCC.

Student success - your success - is very important to us. That is why South County offers its classes and programming in a unique format we call "7-one-7."

The 7-one-7 format splits the traditional semester into two seven-week terms, separated by a one-week break. So, instead of taking four courses at the same time, you take two courses for seven weeks, take a break, and then take your next two courses for seven weeks. You still complete a full course load in one semester, but you only have to juggle two courses—and the homework, reading and research that goes along with them—at a time.

Studies have shown that this format works. Students who take classes in a compressed format report having more opportunity for one-on-one time with their professors and a more positive experience overall with their courses. They also have a higher success rate—which means more completed courses and higher grades—than students in a traditional semester.

And, if you need to take developmental courses before beginning credit classes, or have a lot of prerequisites to take, the 7-one-7 format can get you up to speed and moving forward that much faster.

What Else Would You Like To Know?

We’re sure you have questions about the South County Education and University Center, our facility, its programming, the 7-one-7 format—and we are happy to answer all of them.

Reach us at 314-984-7200 or sceuc-enrollment@stlcc.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you!