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Podcasts are audio or video seminars, interviews, lectures, presentations, "learning snacks" or events that you can take with you.

A podcast is a means of distributing audio and video programs via the Internet that lets you subscribe to a number of files, also known as "feeds," and then hear or view the material when you choose. You may listen to them here through your web browser, or subscribe to our podcast "feed" via iTunes or other software. People commonly listen to a podcast on their iPod or MP3 player.

Featured Podcast

Lean Drives Engagement and Engagement Drives Retail Sales
21st Century Professional Development Series

George Friesen, Practice Leader for Lean Manufacturing, WCD Workforce Performance Solutions

What drove the dehumanization of work that occurred early in the Twentieth Century? Legions of experts developed work processes with little or no regard for individual workers' insights and creativity. The result was "experts know, managers and supervisors tell, and workers do." The early twentieth century mass production operations based on this approach worked, but were also self-limiting as they created dehumanized workplaces, filled with workers who took little pride in craftsmanship.
Lean thinking and Lean work processes can transform "mass production" workplaces into environments where employees take high degrees of pride in the work they do. They are also workplaces with high degrees of employee engagement. When this happens, the payback to the company is significant. Companies with the highest percentage of engaged employees increased operating income 19% and earnings per share 28%, year-to-year. During the same time frame, companies with less engaged employees experienced declines of 33% year-to-year and 11% in earnings. Here are six steps that a company can take to drive engagement and increase productivity and profitability.

Audio MP3, 13:09, 12.3MB, 1-24-2011
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Featured Video Presentation

Workforce Development Perspective on the Recession PresentationWorkforce Development Perspective on the Recession
21st Century Professional Development Series

Rod Nunn, WCD, Vice-Chancellor for Workforce & Community Development

Rod Nunn shares his view on what to expect about the post-recession economy, workforce trends that will significantly impact the St. Louis area, and the need to use retraining investments to address skills gaps.

Audio MP3, 7:34, 3.1MB, 4-19-2010
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