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Norma Grogg Passes Away

March 07, 2017

Norma Grogg, whose son inspired creation of the Phillip H. Grogg Leadership Award at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, passed away on Friday, March 3.

Phillip Grogg, who served as the student manager at KCFV-FM, the campus radio station, was killed in 1982 in an auto accident. After his death, Norma Grogg found several of his old paychecks still uncashed and gave them to the KCFV station manager at the time, telling him to do something nice for the station with the money. That money was used to start a scholarship fund in Grogg's honor.

In 1983, the first Grogg Award was presented to Jeff Davis. Every spring, an outstanding student who demonstrates excellence in the areas of broadcasting skills and leadership is recognized. It is the highest award a KCFV student can receive.

Over the years, that show of appreciation by Norma Grogg has resulted in 34 students receiving the award and the cash scholarship that comes along with it.

“Faculty, staff and students at KCFV are saddened by the loss of Norma Grogg, and offer our sincere thanks for everything she has done for KCFV and the Florissant Valley campus through the years, as well as our deepest sympathy to her family and loved ones,” said Paul Huddleston, KCFV’s station manager. “In memory of her son, Norma has given so much to KCFV and to the students who take their first steps toward a broadcast career here at Florissant Valley.”

KCFV is preparing to award the 35th annual Grogg Award this year. In the span of nearly 35 years, Norma Grogg attended all the annual Grogg Award ceremonies, except for 2016.

“From all of us at KCFV, our sympathy goes out to the Grogg family, and our sincere thanks goes to Norma Grogg for wanting to do something nice for KCFV 35 years ago,” said Steve Bai, KCFV’s faculty advisor. “You did more than you could have imagined, and we will miss seeing you every year when we honor your son’s memory.”