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Carter’s Latest Book Explores Ministerial Formation of African-Americans

October 25, 2016

Terrell Carter  
Terrell Carter

Terrell Carter is a man of many talents. In addition to serving as an art instructor at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood, he is a theologist, a senior pastor in his church and a burgeoning author.

Carter’s latest book is titled, “The Lord Gave Me This: Understanding Historic Leadership Development Practices of the Black Church to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders.” In it, he presents a model for the ministerial formation of African-Americans that is rooted in theology and his own experiences as a church leader.

“As a person of faith, one of my personal research interests has always been how religious leaders are trained to do what they do,” he said. “African-Americans, like my grandfather who raised me, have not always had the educational opportunities that others have. So, they have, more often than not, had to be creative in how they have learned new skills or information and how knowledge was shared. It is my hope that people understand these differences and realize that just because a person doesn’t have a traditional education or hasn’t followed a traditional educational route, this does not make him or her uneducated.”

Terrell Carter book  

In addition to his latest book, Carter is the author of two other books that were published in 2015. These titles are “Walking the Blue Line,” which details his past experience protecting and serving neighborhoods as a police officer in St. Louis City, and “Machiavellian Ministry: What Faith Filled Leaders Can Learn from a Faithless Politician.”

Along with serving as an adjunct instructor at STLCC, Carter currently serves as the director of contextualized learning and an assistant professor of practical theology at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the senior pastor of Webster Groves Baptist Church.

Carter began his educational career at STLCC-Forest Park. Today, he holds a bachelor’s degree with a double major in biblical studies and organizational leadership, a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in arts management and leadership, and a Doctor of Ministry.

“The foundation for my academic career was laid at St. Louis Community College,” Carter said. “I was nurtured, challenged and encouraged as a student by instructors who saw my potential and wanted to bring that potential out. Now, as an educator myself, I try to do the same thing with my students.”

For more information about Carter, follow him on Twitter @tcarterstl, or visit his website.