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Grace Mehan's Story

Grace Mehan and Jess Bohn  
Grace Mehan, left, works with Jess Bohn, a staff member in the Access Continuing Education office. 

When her daughter was nearing graduation from Kirkwood High School in 2011, Colleen Mehan was concerned about Grace’s ability to continue learning in a formal setting.

Grace Mehan has Down syndrome. Challenges abound for Grace and other students who have disabilities.

“Grace had a friend who was already enrolled in the program, and her family was very enthusiastic about it,” Mehan said of STLCC’s Access services. “In many ways, (STLCC) was our first choice.”

Since 2011, Grace Mehan has taken numerous STLCC classes through continuing education, including math and reading, cooking, American sign language, cooking, guitar and Spanish. She also earned certification in CPR.

“I really like the teachers and how we work together,” she said. “The CPR certificate makes me proud.”

Colleen Mehan noted that one-on-one tutoring available through the Access office is extremely valuable because the instructors focus on what the student needs most.

“We felt Grace needed help with money math and time management, so that became the initial focus when Grace started,” she said. “Grace receives weekly one-on-one tutoring. Though she doesn’t always need a teacher-partner in continuing education classes, that remains an option if needed. The support services she receives via Access and STLCC in general are outstanding.”

Colleen Mehan appreciates the efforts of the Continuing Education Access office staff members and STLCC instructors that allow her daughter to continue to learn and grow.

“We love the fact that Grace receives this level of support for continued learning with dedicated, engaged and supportive instructors,” Colleen Mehan said. “The Access office tutoring and the continuing education classes are so stimulating for Grace, and it is such a bonus that she is among age-peers and education-seekers on a college campus. Irrespective of our talents and interests, it’s vital to never stop learning. We truly appreciate the services Grace and others receive through the Access office and STLCC.”