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STLCC Art Students Part of Varsity Art XX Exhibit

March 29, 2016

Donny Bradfield image  
Donny Bradfield's photo, from his book "Tears of My People 2014," was chosen as the outstanding piece of art in the Varsity Art XX Exhibit, earning the Award of Excellence.

The works of eight St. Louis Community College students currently are part of a special exhibit titled “Varsity Art XX” at Art St. Louis, which concludes March 31.

The STLCC students are Donny Bradfield and Cody Long from the Florissant Valley campus; Kathleen Ahner and Amber Hall from Forest Park; Catherine Morgan and Calena Gruchot from Meramec; and Dion Dion and Mary Osborne from Wildwood.

The 20th annual group exhibition is curated by art faculty members from 19 St. Louis regional colleges and universities. Art faculty were invited to select works by two outstanding undergraduate or graduate students at their institutions for this multimedia group exhibition.

Bradfield is working toward his associate degree in fine art. His piece is a digital inkjet print from his book titled “Tears of My People 2014.” His print also was chosen as the outstanding piece of art in the exhibition, earning the Award of Excellence.

Long is studying general fine arts. His piece, acrylic on paper, is titled “A562.”

Ahner’s piece, titled “The Architecture of Desire,” is a photopolymer etching and chine colle. She graduated with highest academic honors and an associate degree in fine arts, in August 2015. She currently is studying printmaking and ceramics.

Hall’s piece is an oil on canvas titled “Liminal.” She is studying general fine arts.

Morgan’s piece is titled “Gott sei dank für Frösche.” It consists of high-fire porcelain, glass found from local creeks that is fired in oxidation with hand-built and wheel-thrown components. She is in general transfer studies and a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

Gruchot’s piece in an untitled work using mild steel and thread. She graduated with honors in 2013, earning her Associate in Fine Arts degree. She currently is studying sculpture.

Dion’s oil-on-canvas piece is titled “Lumiere Vortex.” Osborne’s piece, also oil on canvas, is titled “3 Graces.” Both students are taking art classes at Wildwood for personal enrichment.