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Truck Driving Program Helps Pfeiffer Shifts Gears and Hit the Road

March 03, 2016

STLCC truck  

As the late Yogi Berra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

While the advice may seem a little convoluted, it has paid huge dividends for Victor Keith Pfeiffer, who will now encounter many forks in the road as a commercial truck driver.

Pfeiffer, 59, is a former purchasing manager for Toyota Motor Co. For the past two years, Pfeiffer has been job hunting. He had some interviews, but nothing panned out.

Pfeiffer’s son-in-law was also searching for a career, and eventually asked Pfeiffer to loan him money to take a commercial driver’s license course to help him gain access to a wealth of job opportunities available in the field.

To ensure he was making a wise investment in his son-in-law’s future, Pfeiffer did some research. In the process, Pfeiffer decided that he, too, would become a truck driver. One local truck line recruiter pointed him toward St. Louis Community College’s five-week truck driving program, which prepares graduates to enter the commercial driving industry as an over-the-road truck driver. Training is free to those who qualify.

Pfeiffer has completed the program, and recently passed his Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL-A). His son-in-law began his training in January.

“The instructors have years of experience, but more than that, they actually care about the success of their students,” Pfeiffer said. “My class had 13 students and four trucks. All of us got lots of time behind the wheel. Now I can go anywhere in the country and get a job. Some of the companies I have talked to even have paid medical and dental insurance. I haven’t seen that in over 35 years.” 

Students rotate through a combination of classroom, driving simulator time, and several hours of road driving. They also meet with trucking companies with job openings while completing the program.

“This program changes lives. It can break the cycle of poverty that so many of today’s families find themselves in,” Pfeiffer said. “I don’t know of any other five-week program that if you work hard, you can make over $40,000 dollars your first year.”

STLCC to Offer Driver Training Expo and Job Fair

STLCC will conduct a Professional Driver Training Expo and Job Fair on Wednesday, March 16, from 9 a.m. to noon in the Student Center on the Forest Park campus, 5600 Oakland Ave. Program instructors, as well as industry recruiters, will be available to discuss the training and careers in trucking. This free expo also is open to individuals who already have their CDL. For more information, call 314-539-5775, or email April McKee, amckee11@stlcc.edu.

Truck driving is just one of STLCC’s accelerated job training programs that help individuals train or retrain for in-demand occupations. Other programs focus on healthcare, aviation, logistics, environmental remediation, and small business essentials.

STLCC works closely with industry partners to develop curriculum and provide important student support such as comprehensive assessments, pathway coaches and accelerated developmental education in key portals throughout the training.

For more information about STLCC’s accelerated training programs, call 314-539-5310.