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STLCC Alum’s Business Encourages Positivity and Ecofriendly Practices

November 03, 2015

Jamie Rybak  
Jamie Rybak models his DO GOOD BE HAPPY T-shirt. 

In 2011, while attending St. Louis Community College, Jamie Rybak came up with a personal motto that expressed not only his individual outlook, but also captured a universal concept.

The motto was simple: to “do good” and “be happy.” Realizing that this motto had the potential to resonate with others, Rybak thought it would be a great message to put on a T-shirt.

After graduating from STLCC, Rybak transferred to Principia College to earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration.  During his final semester at Principia, he decided to order 36 T-shirts designed with his DO GOOD BE HAPPY logo. The shirts were made with certified organic cotton, so the message was not only positive, but the supply chain was also carefully chosen to reflect the motto.

The shirts sold fast. Friends, peers, professors, and even the president of the college supported the fast-forming DO GOOD BE HAPPY movement. Four days after receiving the first batch of shirts, he purchased 36 additional shirts to sell during the remaining weeks before graduation.

In response to the encouraging interactions and experiences he had with customers and friends, he decided to start the DO GOOD BE HAPPY Company. The idea was simple: to build a company based on the motto. To meet this end, DO GOOD BE HAPPY always gives back a portion of its profits to support good causes. Additionally, every DO GOOD BE HAPPY product is responsibly sourced in order to protect the integrity and rights of the laborers and the environment.

“Since starting DO GOOD BE HAPPY, I’ve met many people who feel just as passionately as I do about living a positive life,” Rybak said. “I consider these connections among my best experiences in forming the company. My hope for DO GOOD BE HAPPY is to reinforce the people who are striving to live the best life they possibly can.”

Dusty Sweet, Ph.D., Rybak’s former microeconomics’ professor at STLCC, described him as a creative thinker with a strong business acumen.

“From day one, Jamie showed an interest and aptitude for the discipline that is rare,” Sweet said.  “He wouldn’t just accept the norm; he challenged the dogma in a way that would further his understanding and give him fresh ideas on how to use it. This is evidenced by DO GOOD BE HAPPY’s business approach and creativity.” 

Today, customers can purchase apparel online. In addition, Rybak recently finalized a business arrangement to sell DO GOOD BE HAPPY shirts at STLCC-Wildwood’s bookstore.

“Although I’m no longer a student at STLCC, I still remain connected to the college through my friends and my involvement with STLCC-Wildwood’s Running Club,” Rybak said. “I value the people I met and the experiences I had in college, and I’m excited to bring the DO GOOD BE HAPPY movement to STLCC.”