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Jackson Elected Chair of STLCC Board of Trustees

June 19, 2015

Board officers  
Craig Larson, left, receives an award recognizing his
service as chair of the St. Louis Community College Board
of Trustees. Presenting the award is Hattie Jackson, who
was elected board chair.

The St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees elected Hattie Jackson to serve as chair for a one-year term.

Jackson, who represents Subdistrict 2, previously served as board vice chair. Jackson was elected to the board in 2011.

Trustee Joan McGivney, who represents Subdistrict 3, was elected board vice chair. McGivney was elected to the board in 2013.

Craig Larson, outgoing chair of the board, received an award in recognition of leadership during his two terms. He also was elected to serve as the board liaison to the STLCC Foundation Board of Directors. Larson, who represents Subdistrict 4, was elected to the board in 2010.

Doris Graham, who represents Subdistrict 1, will serve as an alternate on the foundation board. She was elected to the STLCC board in 2012.

In addition to Jackson, McGivney, Larson and Graham, other trustees are Theodis Brown Sr. (Subdistrict 1) and Libby Fitzgerald (Subdistrict 4).

The STLCC Board of Trustees is a six-member board that represents the four subdistricts of the college service area. Subdistricts 1 and 4 are the two large subdistricts, each represented by two trustees. Subdistricts 2 and 3 are smaller, each represented by one trustee.

The board makes all final decisions concerning employment, termination of services, expenditure of funds, contracts, establishment of new programs, student fees, tax levies and facilities construction. Regular board meetings are scheduled each month and are open to the public.