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STLCC-Florissant Valley Installs Fourth Peace Pole

April 29, 2015

Peace Pole 4  
Peace Pole

A Peace Pole dedication recently took place at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley.

This is the fourth Peace Pole on campus and peace messages are displayed in English, Greek, Serbo-Croatian and Wolof.

Participants spoke in Wolof, Greek and Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian), reading segments of poems or proverbs about peace and then translating into English.

The first Peace Pole displays peace messages in English, Sign, Spanish and French; the second in English, Arabic, Korean and Swahili; and the third in English, Aramaic, Italian and Cherokee.

The Peace Pole Project was initiated in 1955 by Masahisa Goi, Japanese founder of the World Peace Prayer Society, in response to the bombings on Hiroshima. The purpose of the Peace Pole is to spread the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

Peace Poles can be found in more than 200 countries and have been dedicated by numerous luminaries, including President Jimmy Carter, the Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul II.