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STLCC’s Roffle to Receive Educators for Social Justice Award

February 06, 2015

Angela Roffle  

Humility is an admirable trait, but it can be taken too far. When informed that she was going to be presented with the Courageous Educator Award by Educators for Social Justice, Angela Roffle first wanted to deflect all the credit to her students and colleagues.

Even after conceding her contributions, Roffle, assistant professor in human services at St. Louis Community College-Forest Park, was unsure it was really award-worthy.

“It is really rewarding work that I do, but I don’t know that there is anything phenomenal about it,” Roffle said. “I’m receiving the award, but I feel like our students did all the work. Our students rock.”

Roffle will receive the award Feb. 7 at the 10th Annual Educating for Change Curriculum Fair.

Roffle’s “student-first” attitude defines her role as Human Services department chair who teaches both at Forest Park and the William J. Harrison Education Center. Through her work in the classroom and the community, Roffle strives to show her students that there must be a connection between the two.

“We take it upon ourselves to offer experiential opportunities, to be in the community with other organizations, other professionals,” Roffle said. “There has to be some connection between what they are learning in the classroom to what they are experiencing in real life, in real time. That connection has to occur. There is no other way to energize them and get them invested unless they make that connection to their life.”

Casey Accettola, a member of the team that reviewed the nominations for Educators for Social Justice, knew from his first glance at her nomination that Roffle was the sort of person his organization was looking to recognize.

“Angela’s fervor for social justice in the realm of education was clear from the very first moment we reviewed her nomination,” Accettola said. “She works ardently to organize her students to promote equality across the city through various student clubs. She also has her hand in addressing a wide variety of social justice issues, including homelessness and women’s rights. Simply put, Angela’s passion pervades all areas of her life.”

Layla Goushey, assistant professor in English at Forest Park, nominated Roffle. She agreed with Accettola.

“In addition to her work with professional organizations, Professor Roffle's best work is accomplished for and with her students,” Goushey said. “I have often heard students mention what a wonderful mentor she is to them as they pursue their studies in social work and addiction studies.”

Roffle acknowledges that the field she prepares her students to enter isn’t for everyone. The challenges the community faces are real, but Roffle’s approach prepares her students to meet those challenges head-on.

“The original social workers were agents of change. That’s the bedrock of what we do,” Roffle said. “And we go about arming them with the tools to be effective agents of change.”

Roffle practices what she preaches. Outside of the classroom, she is involved in numerous causes in St. Louis. Previously, she worked on the Missouri Homelessness Report with Faye F. Abram, a professor at Saint Louis University.

In addition, she is actively involved with the National Organization of Human Services, National Association of University Women, American Association of University Women in Community Colleges, Missouri Community College Association, National Black Child Development Corp. and the National Association of Social Workers. She also serves on personnel and public relations board committees of the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County Inc.