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STLCC Connects Students with Producers and Artisans From Around the Globe

October 29, 2014


St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley will host its second annual Fair Trade Festival Nov. 3-5 in the Instructional Resources building on campus, 3400 Pershall Road.

The fair is sponsored by the Ecological Sustainability Committee. The aim of the fair is to raise awareness about environmental and social justice issues stemming from global trade.

“We want to introduce attendees to the lives of artisans, farmers and workers from 15 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America,” said Mark Manteuffel.

Manteuffel said he wants to educate attendees about the fair trade movement and its history, as well as promote and engage attendees to get involved in service learning involving fair trade and sustainable solutions to world hunger, poverty and environmental protection. 

“An anticipated outcome of the event is to encourage students to move from passive consumers to active world citizens who make a difference in the world,” Manteuffel said.

To achieve this, attendees will be led in an examination of their roles as consumers and the local, national and global impact of consumer behaviors in terms of social and environmental justice. They will attend a student poster presentation that is focused on a variety of topics within the fair trade movement, as well as explore how consumer power can change the lives of people in their own and other countries.

The fair will begin with a film showcase followed by a discussion about fair trade history and current relevance. Day 2 will feature student poster presentations concerning topics within the fair trade movement. The festival will conclude with the Fair Trade Marketplace, where local fair trade vendors will display and sell their products.  

“Many students who have never or may never have the opportunity to travel abroad will be able to learn about how connected they are to the lives of individuals in countries they may never travel to, yet affect nonetheless,” Manteuffel said.