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Florissant Valley Student Wins Danforth Scholarship

April 17, 2014

Bianca Fountain  
Bianca Fountain

Bianca Fountain, second-year student at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, has been awarded the Elizabeth Gray Danforth Scholarship.

The Danforth Scholarship is a two-year, full-tuition award annually presented to students graduating from St. Louis Community College and transferring to Washington University.

After visiting the campus with an instructor, Fountain said she fell in love with Washington University and knew that was where she wanted to attend school.

“When I looked for ways to pay for my tuition, I found information regarding the Elizabeth Gray Danforth Transfer Scholarship,” she said. “I spoke with Professor (Ana) Coelho, and she was instrumental in assisting me with the application process.”

The most challenging part of the application process, Fountain said, was getting all of the required information to Washington University before the application deadline. 

Students who complete 60 transferable credit hours from St. Louis Community College by the end of spring semester, as well as apply and are admitted to Washington University, are automatically considered for this scholarship.

“Because I graduated from school in Junction City, Kansas, almost 15 years ago, getting my high school transcript wasn't easily accomplished,” Fountain said. 

That transcript, along with the transcript from her days as a student at Kansas State University, her essay and personal statement, and the three letters of recommendation were submitted to Washington University.

Soon after, Fountain received a call informing her that she was a finalist for the scholarship and that interviews would be held a week later. She was interviewed by four members of the Women’s Society of Washington University, a scholarship recipient and a university representative.

Shortly thereafter, Fountain received a letter in the mail congratulating her on winning.

“I was and am still so excited," she said. "It is one thing to say, ‘Hey, I love this school and I want to complete my education at the top school in the area,’ but to have that dream realized is indescribable.”

Fountain said the scholarship has changed her life and she hopes that she can be a great representative of Washington University and the Women's Society that has given her this opportunity. 

“Excited, humbled, blessed and honored are the best words to describe how I feel right now, and how I've been feeling since the announcement,” Fountain said.