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A Net Hanging Day Looks Like Inspiration to Herrion

March 26, 2014

Neighborhood Nets - Dobbie Herrion  
Dobbie Herrion

A problem that wasn’t being addressed inspired Dobbie Herrion to do more than simply add to the list of complaints.

Herrion, manager of the Academic Support Center at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, knew he could make a difference to those who enjoyed basketball as much as he did.

And make a difference he did. Neighborhood Nets is a community development program dedicated to bringing pride back to playgrounds by putting a net on every bare basketball rim in the St. Louis area and eventually the world. Since its inception, Neighborhood Nets has put up more than 90 nets throughout the United States and Canada.

What does a typical net hanging day look like?  Herrion said it looks like inspiration. 

“If the court is empty, I simply hang the net, place a Neighborhood Net sticker on the backboard and leave,” he said. “If, however, there are people playing, I ask if I can interrupt the game for a second to restore the rim.” 

Herrion said the looks on people’s faces make this small gesture so worthwhile. 

“It looks like inspiration because I can see the wheels spinning and hear the conversations taking place about how they could do their own small part to help the community,” he said.

Neighborhood Nets has been featured in Essence, Ebony, Jet and Time magazines. Herrion said he feels humble, thankful and blessed.

“Allstate Insurance provided the national platform to show the world what you can do once you discover who you are and then decide to become it,” he said.  

Herrion said some of his greatest accomplishments include receiving the Allstate Give it up for Good Award, being featured in national magazines, and having a commercial on VH1 for the entire month of February. 

“My single-most important accomplishment, however, is finding the source of my strength and submitting to God’s will rather than my own personal plans and ambitions,” Herrion said. “It has truly made all of the difference in the world.”

Herrion hopes to see Neighborhood Nets become a part of the National Basketball Association's "NBA Cares" program, as well as a personal development organization that expands the role of nets to “net-works.”

For more information on Neighborhood Nets, visit: http://www.neighborhoodnets.org.