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A Country Becomes Classroom for STLCC Art Students

March 25, 2014

Spain trip  
STLCC art students in Barcelona

It is not uncommon for students to leave the traditional classroom to gain a new perspective on their discipline. But this spring, art students from St. Louis Community College-Wildwood took the idea bit further; about 4,400 miles further that is. They traveled all the way to Spain.

“Art travel abroad trips are a one-of-a-kind learning experience,” said Mark Weber, chair of the Art department at STLCC-Wildwood. “Students have the opportunity to visit world famous museums, cathedrals and art galleries as well as experiencing the culture all in one package.”

The trip is one of the many STLCC study abroad programs offered during the year. Students can choose from trips that vary in length from a week to a semester in places as diverse as England, Macedonia, Costa Rica and even Africa. Students have the option of earning credits while on the programs, or participating on a non-credit basis. As a result, the groups are usually very diverse, with students of all ages and backgrounds coming together to enjoy a common interest.

Students traveled to Madrid, Barcelona and Figueres during the week-long trip.

“The art study abroad class to Spain offered a unique experience to see the art of Spain from early medieval times to the present,” said Weber.

Among others, students saw the artwork of Picasso and visited the Salvador Dali Museum and the Royal Palace Cathedral.

“Another unique and real-life memory is that students feel more part of our global community by traveling abroad.  This will stay with them for the rest of their lives,” Weber said.