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Florissant Valley SGA Wins Special Events Award at MCCA Conference

March 11, 2014

The NOOK  
The Nook at STLCC-Florissant Valley

The Student Government Association (SGA) of St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley won the Special Events Award at the Missouri Community College Association Awards Banquet.

Their special events project included an application, presentation and skit for The Nook.

The Nook is a “Grab 'n' Go" concession stand  in the cafeteria that opens once the cafeteria closes.
“The purpose of The Nook is to offer all of our student organizations and clubs an opportunity to raise funds to match their Student Activities Budget Committee allocation for approved conferences and leadership opportunities,” said Gwen Nixon, campus life manager at STLCC-Florissant Valley. “The Nook is an excellent opportunity for them to provide a valuable service to our evening student population.” 

Nixon said the benefits of The Nook have paid off huge dividends financially and professionally. The clubs are working together for a common goal. They also are learning how to run a business, manage their monies, maintain inventory, provide good customer service and build camaraderie. 

“The pride of earning their way is far better than a handout or wishing for money that is not there,” Nixon said.

The Nook has connected SGA with the clubs and connected the students to one another. As a result of The Nook, more students are getting involved with the clubs and in student activities.

The Nook has generated a profit of $3,650 in 27 days, and there are 18 clubs participating currently. 

“SGA and the clubs are proud of their accomplishments,” said Xavier Souter, SGA president.