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Meramec Student Helps Art Department Obtain Google Glass

March 04, 2014

Google Glass  
A pair of Google Glass. The clear cube on the front left is the display.

The Art department at St. Louis Community College-Meramec has obtained a pair of Google Glass, thanks to the efforts of a student.

Fine arts student Alexis Behrle, 19, is an employee of Tesseract Mobile and through her job, works with Google Glass on a regular basis.

“Tesseract Mobile owns two pairs of Google Glass,” said Alexis, “One of the pairs is with me because I write articles related to Google Glass and reviews on Google Glass apps (for the website glassappz.com). Google Glass is not available to the public yet, so I presented the idea to send an invitation to Meramec.”

Google Glass is a small, wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, much like a pair of glasses. When paired with your smartphone, Google Glass enables you to make phone calls and send messages, browse the internet, take photographs and video, and even get directions via voice commands.

Even though she has found several Google Glass apps to be useful, Alexis wanted an app that the art community could use. Lacking the knowledge to develop an app, she approached Meramec ceramics instructor Jim Ibur, who introduced her to Tim Linder, Art department chair.

The Design Visual and Performing Art department, she said, plans to use the Google Glasses in a number of different ways inside the class room of several disciplines.

Linder introduced Behrle to Adam Hosp, an interactive designer who also serves as a member of the Digital Media Program Advisory Board. Working with Hosp and Linder, the goal is to bring to life one of Behrle’s ideas for using Google Glass in the arts.  

“We are exploring different methods of integrating art with this new technology,” Behrle said. “This application could let people see art in a different way. It could be used by an artist during the creation of a work to give a unique insight into their point of view and design decisions made during the process. It could also be used in conjunction with the displaying of an art work to give more information about the project itself.”

Behrle said the goal for the project, currently in development, is to have an application ready for the Annual Juried Student Exhibition, which runs April 18-May 7 in the Meramec Contemporary Art Gallery.