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Florissant Valley Student Receives Global Citizen Program Certificate

February 06, 2014

Global Citizen Program  
Left to right: Ruby Curry, Rihab Sawah, Elizabeth Cash and
Marcia Pfeiffer.

Elizabeth Cash recently was awarded a certificate of completion for the Global Citizen program (GCP).

The GCP is designed to provide students with an understanding of the issues shaping the contemporary world, and to develop their international and intercultural competencies.

GCP was created at the Florissant Valley campus in 2010. Cash is the third student to graduate from this program.

“We began to pilot the program in spring 2011,” said Rihab Sawah, co-coordinator of global education at STLCC-Florissant Valley. “GCP requires students to complete a 32-credit-hour block of globally-infused courses. Cash is so passionate about her own global education that she completed 49 credit hours toward the fulfillment of GCP requirements, including two semesters of Arabic.”

Students completing the GCP will be equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge for living and working in a global society. The program focuses on economic, political, philosophical, biological, physical, geographical, religious and linguistic influences that have shaped the world.

Sawah said students completing the required courses have the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to work in an increasingly complex interdependent world, and will be able to appreciate the global society and function well in it.

“The Global Citizen program has been the most enriching part of my time at Florissant Valley, and has been imperative at shaping my future goals,” said Cash. “The mentorship that I have received has been invaluable.”

Cash’s ambition to seek her place in the global arena knows no bounds. She recently submitted an application to participate in the 2014 Interfaith Young Adult Challenge. If selected, Cash will become a youth representative of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions at the United Nations.