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Redditt Hudson -- Subdistrict 1

Redditt Hudson  

Redditt Hudson is the regional field organizer for Region IV of the NAACP.  He was formerly the political action chair for the Executive Committee of the NAACP St. Louis City Branch. Before working with the NAACP, he was a program associate for the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri.


“I believe that the St. Louis Community College is a vital civic partner to the St. Louis region and seeks to ensure that it continues to advance our region by providing a quality education to the thousands of students enrolled at each of its campuses every year,” Hudson said. “I also believe that the college should continue partnering with local businesses and governments to share resources to make St. Louis a stronger, more competitive metropolitan area in an increasingly competitive global economy.” 


He also believes the St. Louis Community College can provide an educational atmosphere in which both students and educators can thrive as they help move the region toward it. 


Hudson is also a former St. Louis police officer.  He left the force in 1999 to focus on addressing systemic problems in the criminal justice system and improving the police/community relationship. Seeking to address all of the fractures in the police/community relationship, in 2000 he co-founded Project PEACE, an organization working with educators, students and parents to address gang violence prevention and intervention in communities and schools, while promoting individual and community responsibility and accountability.  


Hudson sat on the U.S. Attorneys Hate Crimes Task Force in St. Louis. He continues to be an advocate for affordable quality.  He has been a regular media commentator on community issues, and he has traveled the country speaking at national conferences and keynoting other events. Hudson lives in Florissant with his wife Hope, who is a registered nurse, and his daughters Lauryn and Faith, who both are students in the Ferguson-Florissant School District.