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STLCC-Florissant Valley Kazoo Band Performs Holiday Favorites

December 09, 2013

Sarah Fielding, left, and Amy Marshall Brown 

A kazoo is a musical instrument that adds a "buzzing" timbral quality to a player's voice when the player vocalizes into it.

The kazoo is a type of mirliton, a class of instruments which modifies its player's voice by way of a vibrating membrane.

The Florissant Valley Kazoo Band performed holiday tunes in the quad to the delight of many students, staff and faculty. The instrumentalists hummed songs from Silent Night to Jingle Bells, and managed to convince many passersby to join in the holiday festivities.

Sarah Fielding said she proposed the idea to inspire community. And inspire it certainly did. Approximately 60 kazoos found a partner in the harmonious production. The inaugural event revealed that the campus community possesses a myriad of talents.

So how exactly do you play a kazoo? You don't blow into a kazoo, you hum into it.

The kazoo will celebrate its 164th year of being played in America on Jan. 28. The kazoo was invented in the 1840s and first presented to the world at the Georgia State Fair in 1852. Legend says that the kazoo was invented by Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg. Commercial production of the kazoo only began in 1912.